Unit Introduction

Visual Analytics aims to facilitate the data analytics process using Information Visualisation.

Information Visualisation aims to make good pictures of abstract information, such as stock prices, family trees, and software design diagrams. Well designed visualisations can convey this information rapidly and effectively.

Circuit Part:

Create periodic wave: Function Generator (PIN 33), setting the wave properties on NI software (frequency, voltage)

Voltage Supply: 5V & 15V PIN 51,52,53,54; no need for setting on your NI software

Variable Voltage Supply: '+' PIN 48, '-' PIN 50 (In lab1 used as the power supply 9V for the amplifiers); the voltage amplitude needs to be set up on NI software - variable voltage

Oscilloscope: There are 8 channels on board (AI 0 - AI 7, PIN 1 - 16), usually '+' to your signal; '-' to the ground.

  • To view the Vpp, frequency, etc. → Cursors on → Move your cursor on the graph

Bode Analyzer: Generate waves at a range of frequencies and measure the responses

  • To view the phase, frequency, gain → Cursors on → Move your cursor on the graph