Circuit Part:

Create periodic wave: Function Generator (PIN 33), setting the wave properties on NI software (frequency, voltage)

Voltage Supply: 5V & 15V PIN 51,52,53,54; no need for setting on your NI software

Variable Voltage Supply: '+' PIN 48, '-' PIN 50 (In lab1 used as the power supply 9V for the amplifiers); the voltage amplitude needs to be set up on NI software - variable voltage

Oscilloscope: There are 8 channels on board (AI 0 - AI 7, PIN 1 - 16), usually '+' to your signal; '-' to the ground.

  • To view the Vpp, frequency, etc. → Cursors on → Move your cursor on the graph

Bode Analyzer: Generate waves at a range of frequencies and measure the responses

  • To view the phase, frequency, gain → Cursors on → Move your cursor on the graph